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Tannoy 615

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Enclosure Type:3 way closed box hfdb.co/1812.php
Recommended Amplifier:10 to 175 Watts
Frequency Response:41Hz - 30kHz
Crossover Frequency:400Hz, 2.5kHz
Nominal Impedance:6 Ohms
Dimensions:324 x 974 x 228mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Year:1991 - 1993

Rating:9.85 out of 10


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By: Colin
"Utterly phenomenal"
5 out of 5 2nd April 2016
I have had these speakers since the mid nineties and have replaced the concentric drivers twice last time I had to buy a pair of 609's and cannibalise the driver for my speakers as NOTHING THIS SIDE OF 3000 will touch them!!
I use an Arcam alpha 10 amp to peer them but have run them from an alpha 7 & 8 as I have updated over the years. The sense of depth speed and scale is unmatched by anything I have heard this side of 3000 maybe more!
see a pair snap them up I cannot reccomend them highly enough
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By: Nikki Bevan
5 out of 5 21st January 2012
I think the fact that over 20 years on my 615s are still working perfect says it all, you only need to look at the spec to realise the quality of these beasts. And if you compare them to the likes of the Tannoy V4 or the Tannoy DC6T the 615s will out do them every time like I said the spec of these speakers says it all, so if you do see a pair of 615s (which is not very often) on eBay snap them up fast they normally go for around 230 to 300 pound nowadays, brand new with the plinths they were about 750 but that was back in 1992 with inflation the same sort of speaker new today would set you back over 1300.
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By: nikki bevan
"The mother of all speakers"
5 out of 5 5th April 2011
Well I would have to agree with what's been said, the Tannoys or the daddies have an amazing range, loads of power and stand tall I would have to say possible the best speakers ever made and as for the Cambridge 650A amp that is a power house best amp out there for around the 400 pound mark.
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By: The owner of the daddies and proud.
"The Daddies"
5 out of 5 20th February 2011
Having these speakers since new they're still going strong. They are paired up to the Cambridge 650A, far better than the more modern mercury F4. Tall, plenty of sound they look even better with the plinths attached, and the sound is absolutely amazing. Think the Cambridge brings the best out of them. Also have the 611.
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