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Latest Reviews

Philips CD303
(3 votes : 1 review)

Philips CD303

By: René
"CD 303"
5 out of 5 08 May 2019
It was one of the first cd players on the market and it was very expensive, I paid 1600 dutch guilders in 1984 and had to wait 6 months before delivery. I still have it but I don't play any cd's anymore. Just keep it for fun. More

Yamaha A-320
(3 votes : 3 reviews)

Yamaha A-320

By: Dean
"Yamaha A-320"
5 out of 5 08 May 2019
Picked one of these little jems up on Ebay for next to nothing. It holds its own against amps I paid ten times as much for. I intended to use it to power a couple of desk top monitors for my computer, but now run it with my Linn turntable and some homemade speakers. The phono stage is as good as if not better than my Project Phono pre amp. More

Sony PS-X55
(1 vote : 1 review)

Sony PS-X55

By: Pamela
5 out of 5 20 March 2019
I wanted a fully automatic turntable due to a movement disorder making manual turntable operation too risky for my records. The 1980 SONY PS-X55 seemed very well regarded by those who own one so I bought a good example off EBay and everything worked perfectly. It's built like a tank and sounds head and shoulders better than my belt-drive UTurn Orbit. Took it in for a preventative service and it only needed a couple of capacitors replacing that w... More

Mordaunt Short MS3.20

Mordaunt Short MS3.20

By: J Kuehne
"Best Buy!"
5 out of 5 21 February 2019
If you own one of these: Here are my congratulations. This is a best buy small money loudspeaker from the 1990. In Germany it was 600 DM without stands in 1992, which was not a lot. It is really good engineers for this price, with a custom made bass-middle paper cone and a quite cheap (looking) tweeter. But everything seems to be taken into account with it. The phase, the way, all corners were accoustically smoothed around the drivers, the overl... More

(6 votes : 3 reviews)


By: steve
"jvc a s5"
5 out of 5 06 February 2019
brilliant amp More