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Latest Reviews

Akai CS-M02
(1 vote : 1 review)

Akai CS-M02

By: marty jewell
"Akai CS-M02"
4 out of 5 16 January 2018
This deck is an updated version of the CS-M01A. A very good budget/basic deck. The specs are slightly better and this model has fluorescent meters instead of VU. If you can find a CS-M01A in good condition, buy it. This deck is also a good solid performer. Think this might have Dolby-C too. Not at all a bad unit. More

Yamaha KX-260

Yamaha KX-260

By: marty jewell
"Yamaha KX-260 cassette deck"
4 out of 5 16 January 2018
This unit would have gotten higher points if the meter system didn't suck. Good wide scale meters are essential to top quality recording. This deck has only five segments per channel meters. Ten segments would be much better. It does have Dolby-C and the Dolby HX-Pro feature makes excellent recordings and can be played back on any deck. It also has a fine adjust bias control. The play trim feature is great for older recordings as it can tweek the... More

Marantz Model 2252B

Marantz Model 2252B

By: marty jewell
"Marantz 2252B receiver"
3 out of 5 16 January 2018
This really is a fine unit. My concern is with the poor FM reception. I can never get better than 3.5 on the signal strength meter, sad. Also it gets freakin' hot after only an hour or so. I mean hot enough to fry eggs!!! That can't be good for the innards. I have one but no longer use it. Power wise it is a beast, with close to 100wpc reserve power. More

Kenwood KA-3020SE
(2 votes : 3 reviews)

Kenwood KA-3020SE

By: jim
"Kenwood ka3020se"
5 out of 5 10 January 2018
I've just recently bought this amp from eBay having previously owned one in 1994 I wanted another. I've had marantz Sony and technics but this Kenwood is the the THOR of amplifiers in comparison it hammers out the basslines the treble is tingling and accurate and the mid range is nothing short of class the imagery is spot on with depth and scale. This amp will and does put today's budget amps to shame in a big way. If Kenwood was re release this ... More

JPW Mini Monitor
(9 votes : 3 reviews)

JPW Mini Monitor

By: Tom
"Cheap and Cheerful"
3 out of 5 23 December 2017
I picked these up for a Yamaha micro system when I was kidding myself that I could do without real HiFi to appease the OH. They're still used every day for TV duties, and they're great for general dialogue and acceptable for music. They sound clean and clear, but there are no dynamics and the bass is poor; even once cabinet size is considered. The JPWs are not pretty, but they're very compact. They're designed and built to the standards... More