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Latest Reviews

Kenwood KA-8150
(4 votes : 2 reviews)

Kenwood KA-8150

By: John B
"kenwood KA 8150"
5 out of 5 06 July 2020
Been into electronics, and Hi-Fi in particular, for over 50 years now. My KA 8150 is so old it might be living on borrowed time, but still sounds amazing. Currently it is connected to a pair of Sansui SP 7300 speakers on one output, and my own home-made units on the other output. Because the frequency response of the two pairs of speakers isn't identical, you tend to get a unique effect, especially because the speakers are in the corners of t... More

Mission 767
(2 votes : 1 review)

Mission 767

By: Chris
"Still Hard to Beat and Going Strong after all this time"
5 out of 5 14 June 2020
June 2020 Review I bought these used, complete with LFAU, way back in 1996, apparently mine were the originals demonstrated at various European hifi conventions in late 89 and 1990's. We have a large living room 50sqM and simply put they are definitely full range down to 20hz that you can feel at high volumes and transparent in the sound field. They are complex for an amp to drive and you absolutely need a high current capable amp, forget t... More

Hitachi SR-4010
(5 votes : 2 reviews)

Hitachi SR-4010

By: Gregory McKee
5 out of 5 09 June 2020
Incredible quality for the money, paid 10 dollars for the receiver and a pair of Polk m series 311, now my home system is complete and I am very happy. More

Teac CD-P4500
(2 votes : 2 reviews)

Teac CD-P4500

"Teac CD-P4500"
5 out of 5 07 June 2020
I have this cd-player from 1993 and i'm very happy with it.Back in those days this player consindered as audiophile.Has a warm-non fatigue sound with sweet/mellow highs.At the age of 20 years of use, I went to the lab once, because sometimes it stuck before reading the disc. The technician told me that he just blew it and changed a belt. He told me to use it more often because I listen to a lot of radio.Of course i don't want to seell it,ever.Als... More

Kenwood KX-W594
(1 vote : 1 review)

Kenwood KX-W594

By: Jeffery
"Overall a great sounding deck!"
5 out of 5 04 June 2020
I have one bought second hand. Restored it. Cleaned the tape transport and loaded a tape. The sound quality I gotten out of this tape deck is that there is no quality difference then High quality FLAC Recordings! Simply excellent tape deck! More

Sony SS-A307 / SS-A307E

Sony SS-A307 / SS-A307E

By: Mihai
"SS-A307 Review"
4 out of 5 04 June 2020
Delivered with Sony LBT-D307 Stereo system (about 1992) now can be found on ebay and other sites with prices around 25-40 EUR. As quality let say Sony Mid quality specific for 90, loudspeakers are made in Thailand, speaker assembled in Belgium, bass of 16 cm small medium and tweeter, filters consists on some condensers hanging the box. Pretty decent sound, bas reflex on the back side. Could be used as front/back on home theater system for movies... More

Gale Model 2
(4 votes : 1 review)

Gale Model 2

By: Damian
"I love these"
5 out of 5 02 June 2020
I am just a musician/enthusiast but these speakers are better than any other bookshelf speakers I have experienced. Excellent for close field listening. More

Tannoy E11 Series 90
(3 votes : 4 reviews)

Tannoy E11 Series 90

By: promars
"Sound great!"
4 out of 5 06 May 2020
I traded these for an old Dual turntable and didn't have any special expectations. I have a pair of old Tannoy Mercury S and love them, but these E11 sounds almost as good, and even perform a little better in the low end. More

Rotel RML-70
(2 votes : 1 review)

Rotel RML-70

By: Squid
"Perfect bedroom speakers"
5 out of 5 02 May 2020
I brought this speakers from eBay in about 2016 for use in my bedroom and have used and loved them ever since; they have beautifully balanced sound and look more stylish and sound much better than cheap modern speakers! I use them for listening to a wide range of music, listening to chat and talk shows and for watching movies through them. I currently have them powered from a NAD C 717 DVD Receiver More

Wharfedale 430
(1 vote : 1 review)

Wharfedale 430

By: Oscar North
"Old School and Memorable"
4 out of 5 01 May 2020
I picked up a pair of these ex-display from Richer Sounds in the early 90s. They did sterling service right up until 2006, when their scuffs and dings from multiple house-moves saw me donate them to a local charity. Twas a sad day. These Wharfedales had an upfront sound that was never too in-your-face and their bass response was pretty energetic, too. They could be driven to fairly hefty volume levels and they really made the most of dance ... More