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Latest Reviews

Pioneer A-33
(2 votes : 1 review)

Pioneer A-33

By: Joost
4 out of 5 15 July 2019
Superb sound quality, Good Bass feed More

Technics SB-HD81
(5 votes : 1 review)

Technics SB-HD81

By: Giacinto
3 out of 5 20 June 2019
Basse frequenze molto invadenti e alte frequenze cupe e troppo ammorbidite. Su una vecchia coppia ho messo in serie al woofer una resistenza da 1 Ohm riequilibrando la riproduzione acustica. Mobile del diffusore ben fatto, altoparlanti economici e filtro crossover ben ingegnerizzato. Con la modifica apportata si é dimostrato notevolmente migliorato e la consiglio a tutti. Buona Musica.

Translation: Low frequencies very intrusive and high frequencies dark and too soft. On an old pair I put a 1 Ohm resistor in series with the woofer, rebalancing the acoustic reproduction. Well made speaker cabinet, inexpensive speakers and well engineered crossover filter. With the modification made, it has proved remarkably improved and I recommend it to everyone. Good music. More

Celestion Ditton 33
(7 votes : 5 reviews)

Celestion Ditton 33

By: Steve S
"They were the best in our shop!"
5 out of 5 18 June 2019
I used to sell these at an East Coast hifi store back in the '70s. They blew away the Large Advents and Genesis 2s we also sold, and were even more involving than the fine Yamaha NS-1000s we had in our "hi end" room. Iggy, Bowie, Clash, etc. sounded GREAT on these with Nelson Pass designed Nakamichi separates. Not as dynamic as horns but dynamics are good with exceptional tone! Sound great with Class A solid state. Just bought a pair in good s... More

Kenwood Model Basic M2
(12 votes : 2 reviews)

Kenwood Model Basic M2

By: David Picard
"Kenwood basic M2"
5 out of 5 24 May 2019
one of the best sounding amps for the $ with lots of watts and head room to boot very durable and well put together with 2 power supplies one for each channel or mono block diesine in one unit I like the sound at low and high volume very clear More

Philips CD303
(3 votes : 1 review)

Philips CD303

By: René
"CD 303"
5 out of 5 08 May 2019
It was one of the first cd players on the market and it was very expensive, I paid 1600 dutch guilders in 1984 and had to wait 6 months before delivery. I still have it but I don't play any cd's anymore. Just keep it for fun. More