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Sony STR-D1015

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Description:Stereo: 2 x 120 watts
Cinema: 3 x 100 watts (front + center) | 2 x 25 watts (rear) hfdb.co/3947.php
Dimensions:430 x 160 x 425mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:9.00 out of 10


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By: carlos
"sony str-d1015"
5 out of 5 15th September 2013
Olá leitores, na minha opinião e o melhor av receptor que encontrei na vida, robusto, som cristalino, graves profundos uma verdadeira usina de força.

Translation: Hello readers, in my opinion the best av receiver I found in life, robust, clear sound, deep bass, a real powerhouse.

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By: bajaking
"SONT STR-D1015"
5 out of 5 7th December 2011
I have had this receiver since 1995 and use it for all .... CD/tape...yes, phono receiver and other peripheral devices like ipod. I put a BOSE cube system with it and woofer along with Infinity speakers. Blew the Infinity speakers up after some years but this amp system pushes the BOSE to max and I cant appreciate any distortion. It is clean, reliable and powerful. It compares to almost any system available today even with the old pro-logic it has.
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By: Eugene Luczak
"Sony STR-D1015"
5 out of 5 16th June 2011
I picked one of these up at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, so I really havent had a lot of time to use all of the features. The receiver so far, just in stereo mode, really has a great sound that is really easy to listen to. It will play real loud, if thats what you want it for, I know that. I have a pair of JBL LX55 speakers that were from about the same time period as this receiver. The receiver was made in 1994. All I can say is that it sounds great. Not a very technical critique but it is my honest opinion. I have higher end audio equipment, Carver TFM35 power amp, Carver pream, and Carver tuner, and the Sony is no match for the Carver equipment as far as critical listening goes, but for movies, tv, and music listening, the Sony is great. I ordered a remote on line and its just a pleasure to use it for the audio when watching tv or movies. I cant wait to get a center channel speaker and two rear speakers to really see what this receiver can do. If you come across one of these "vintage" receivers and you dont have any plans of buying something more recent or updated with HDMI connections or optical outputs or all the latest features that you have to be willing to pay large sums of money for, dont hesitate to get it, It really sounds great and Im glad I got it.
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