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Kenwood KA-3020SE

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Description:2 x 45 watts (8 ohms) hfdb.co/5356.php
Dimensions:440 x 138 x 349mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:10.00 out of 10
Image ©:classic-sounds


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By: jim
"Kenwood ka3020se"
5 out of 5 10th January 2018
I've just recently bought this amp from eBay having previously owned one in 1994 I wanted another. I've had marantz Sony and technics but this Kenwood is the the THOR of amplifiers in comparison it hammers out the basslines the treble is tingling and accurate and the mid range is nothing short of class the imagery is spot on with depth and scale. This amp will and does put today's budget amps to shame in a big way. If Kenwood was re release this model they'd have a massive seller that would once again crush the competition. If you can get one do so you'll not regret it.
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By: John Haggett
"Ken wood 3020se"
5 out of 5 3rd October 2014
To keep it short "fantastic"
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By: BiggieTembo
"Kenwood KA-3020SE"
5 out of 5 6th March 2014
This amp is fantastic! The sound is so warm, especially with vinyl, that I would not hesitate to recommend this amp for any hi-fi enthusiasts out there that can get their hands on a good quality, well-looked after example of this creature. The switches are large, soft in the interchanging and responsive - can be easily cleaned with a smooth slip-off function - and the buttons are non-clicky. The contact in general are very subtle, and there are no clunky changing noises or responses. The bass is extremely warm and responsive, especially, as mentioned before, with vinyl playback, and the cd and monitoring functions are simply a joy. The volume levels are also responsive, even at higher volumes, and the piece in its entirety, although heavy, is a great , warm, smooth, lovely sounding amp.

One drawback, which is common to many amps, is that the phono switching contacts began to click and fall out over time - this shorting could easily be remedied by slipping off the output selector knob and giving a tickle with some switch-cleaner spray. But hey - things don't last forever, so it's not a mark-down in this respect.

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