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Mission 731 Top100

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Enclosure Type:2 way bass reflex
Recommended Amplifier:25 to 75 Watts
Nominal Impedance:8 Ohms
Drivers:1 x 25mm (1") fabric dome
1 x 127mm (5") inch doped paper cone
Dimensions:175 x 315 x 200mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight:4kg / 8.8lbs

Rating:8.00 out of 10



By: Marc
25th Jan 2019
5 out of 5 "Looking forward to new Mission QX2's."
Bought these around 1998, with the Mission hifi separates.
Was satisfied with the large sound, good bass at low volume.

Recently purchased a class A car audio amp for use indoors, built smooth psu for it, additional pair of 8 Ohm full range cubes in parallel with the 731's, 10 gauge speaker cables. Running an Android phablet with Viper DSP through them. Just wanted to build a cheap stereo with these old speakers.

Beyond expectation. Really surprised with how good they sound now.
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By: gamoto
1st Apr 2013
4 out of 5 "top speakers for the price"
i bought my pair of 731's back in 1995, from memory they cost me $599AUD at the time and they have served me well for nearly 18 years, now thats value for money
you can get them now for about $250AUD
partnered with a sub they have performed extremely well with bright and lively mid to high end, and the low rumbles helped along with my 10"sub
ive listened to all kinds of music over the past 18 years, but mainly rock, hiphip and psytrance and once again partnered with a sub i cant flaw these speakers for their price range
my mate has a pair of B&W 685's that sound quite a bit better than these, so if your willing to pay $900AUD then go for them, but at a quarter of the price the missions rock
ive treated mine pretty bad too, having dropped on, put my finger into the tweeter accidentally and other general moving house knocks and bumps and they still pound out great sound with no distortion.
if your looking for great sounding speakers but cant justify spending hundreds or even thousands for a pair of B&W's KEF or the like, the mission 731 is a fine choice
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By: Karl
12th Feb 2013
4 out of 5 "Mission 731"
I acquired one pair of these from a small local pub that was closing down (I went in for a pint, and came out with a pair of speakers lol). Of course I'd heard them playing several times before, but on noisy weekend nights with rowdy punters, you can hardly get a clear and detailed representation of the sound quality a speaker is capable of (not to mention I think most pubs play in 'mono' because the speakers are so spaced apart from each other).

When I got home, that was a different story. The first thing I noticed before hooking them up, was the attention to detail mission had put into building these speakers. They're not the most flashiest of mission speakers that are/were on the market, and they just look like mere black boxes on the wall of a pub that tend to be un-intrusive and blend into the decor. So I was surprised on closer inspection, not knowing then what I know now of mission's reputation for quality. Strongly built boxes with solid front and rear plastic baffles (you knock on them and all you get as a dull thud, and sore knuckles), quality dedicated mounting assembly on the rear with gold plated screw threads and sturdy binding posts for cable or banana plug connections. If you remove the cloth grille on the front, there's an inverted woofer/tweeter arrangement. The drivers are again of the usual high standard you'd expect from Mission, mesh dome tweeter and a chemically treated, reinforced bass cone. Very durable and robust!!

The sound quality is equally as impressive. Having them in my quiet home as opposed to a noisy pub, I could really notice how they shine. They produce solid deep bass that really belies their modest size, with clear and crisp highs, and a distinctive sense of separation between the high and low frequencies. If I (personally) had to say one bad thing about them, its that you don't get satisfaction from the midrange, because its almost none existent unless you boost those particular frequencies with an EQ.

Quite easily a great bookshelf speaker with a big impressionable sound overall. Having been used in a pub, and I've had them myself for around 4 years now using them as main speakers in my small living room, they're still going strong and sound as good as they did when I had my first critical listening session with them. An even better deal since I got them for less than the price of a pint of lager (free as matter of fact)! :)
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