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Enclosure Type:3 way hfdb.co/2583.php
Power Handling (RMS):140 Watts
Peak Power Handling:75 Watts
Frequency Response:35Hz - 20kHz
Drivers:Cone tweeter an cone midrange
20cm ribbon woofer of Propytihleen
Dimensions:305 x 630 x 225mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:9.41 out of 10


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By: Erwin
"Pioneer CS-777"
5 out of 5 18th October 2010
Great speakers for this money at that time in the 80's. I use those Pioneers on a Technics SU-V450 amp and sounds very very good.

The Pioneer CS-777 where not high cost but the mids and highs are very clear and clean and also the woofer does its work to give a nice but not overwhelming bass, but sounds nice and fruity with no booming and still responds to tones at 35Hz.

The big brother the CS-9030 190 Watts peak sounds exactly the same because they used the same mid driver and tweeter but only the low of the woofer sounds little bit better on a 25cm woofer so 30Hz tones come out better and still don't sound booming like cheap woofers do.

Using the Pioneer CS-777 about 20 years and still they sound like new ones and no problems to woofers foam edges.

The 80's where the time of high quality sound and Technics, Akai, Sony and Pioneer fighting for reputations on who made the best Hi-Fi that was affordable to everyone, except the expensive line that cost a lot more like the Sony EX line Hi-Fi.
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