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Yamaha CDR-HD1000

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Description:20GB hfdb.co/660.php
Dimensions:435 x 116 x 415mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:3.00 out of 10
Website:Yamaha Audio


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By: Phillip
"CD Hard drive recorder"
2 out of 5 15th September 2019
OK when working but hard problems with it from the start...Did good recording however but two or three cd mechs later I gave up and bought second hand the much improved later CDR-HD1300 which basicall is the same machine but made reliable...Now have a second unit - an even later CDR-HD1500 which is the same again but capable of a bigger hard drive... All make great recordings from vinyl records and great copies of CD's. Easy to use but its no computer and is more like in operation a cassette deck style approach...Sounds thou much better then any computer I have used...
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