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Wharfedale 430

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Rating:9.00 out of 10


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By: Oscar North
"Old School and Memorable"
4 out of 5 1st May 2020
I picked up a pair of these ex-display from Richer Sounds in the early 90s. They did sterling service right up until 2006, when their scuffs and dings from multiple house-moves saw me donate them to a local charity. Twas a sad day.

These Wharfedales had an upfront sound that was never too in-your-face and their bass response was pretty energetic, too. They could be driven to fairly hefty volume levels and they really made the most of dance music. In fact, they took the stage whenever we had a party, hooked up to a ROTEL pre/power combo and this would always put a smile on your face when the music really started pumping. Solidly built, their aesthetics also wouldn't scare you and they fitted in nicely amongst the furniture, records and DJ decks.

I have fond memories of these beauties, and wouldn't hesitate to buy Wharfedale again if they sounded like my old 430s.
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