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Pioneer PDR-609

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Dimensions:420 x 105 x 300mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:8.50 out of 10


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By: Carl Hebb
4 out of 5 22nd January 2012
I have had a PDR609 for six years and is still in use from time to time, being used less of recent due to the speed of a computer, the great thing is it will record from Vinyl, and give a copy which cannot be distinguished from the record, and producing the warm analogue sound. I would advise if bought secondhand, ensure you have or can get the manual.

I have only ever used the basic functions but there is so much it can do if you spend the time to learn its full potential. A very reliable machine which was always well reviewed after its initial release. It is also a decent player. Ensure you buy Recordable "Music Only" Discs as they are the only ones that record, they are a little more expensive.
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