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Kenwood Model Basic M2

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Description:Power output: 220 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms
Total harmonic distortion: 0.004%
Damping factor: more than 1000
Frequency response: 1Hz to 200kHz
Signal to noise ratio: 120dB
Speaker impedance: 4 to 16 ohms
Dimensions: 440 x 158 x 373mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight: 15.5kg
Year:1983 - 1985

Rating:8.73 out of 10


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By: David Picard
"Kenwood basic M2"
5 out of 5 24th May 2019
one of the best sounding amps for the $ with lots of watts and head room to boot very durable and well put together with 2 power supplies one for each channel or mono block diesine in one unit I like the sound at low and high volume very clear
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By: Joseph
5 out of 5 20th October 2011
I have four/4 of these amplifiers for a almost full spectrum sound system running stereo only. One amp for the lows 20-300hz, one for mid lows 100-800hz, one for mid highs 550hz-1800khz, and one for the highs 1500khz-20000khz or close to. these amps are the best for the price, clarity, performance, looks, raw power, thd at .004 and 120db s/n ratio. overall the best for my application. plan on building a quadraphonic type system with these for the power.
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