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JPW Mini Monitor

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Dimensions:180 x 270 x 180mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:9.45 out of 10
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By: Tom
23rd Dec 2017
3 out of 5 "Cheap and Cheerful"
I picked these up for a Yamaha micro system when I was kidding myself that I could do without real HiFi to appease the OH.

They're still used every day for TV duties, and they're great for general dialogue and acceptable for music.

They sound clean and clear, but there are no dynamics and the bass is poor; even once cabinet size is considered.

The JPWs are not pretty, but they're very compact. They're designed and built to the standards of proper HiFi; utilising Vifa drivers, a properly designed crossover and full sized binding posts. It might be possible to improve upon them significantly too, with some minor modifications.

These probably represent the cheapest way to get sound out of an amplifier, and they're on par with the speakers packaged with the better micro systems.
They're original 1990s Richer Sounds fodder; spiritual forefathers of Acoustic Solutions and Gale, even if most other JPW speakers don't deserve this questionable accolade.

These speakers are worth picking up for 10-15 for an all in one system, but for HiFi you can do much better.

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By: Dan
19th Jun 2015
5 out of 5 "So musical"
I've had these for around 20 years. Wonderful musical speakers, so open, warm yet bright sounding. Not massive in the bass department, but now paired with a sub to fill in the lows. If you can get some second hand, you're lucky.
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By: John
25th Jan 2011
5 out of 5 "JPW Mini Monitor"
I bought these at Richer Sounds in 1996 for my second system because they were cheap (30 special offer at the time). Now I have upgraded the rest of that system with decent components, and the JPWs are shockingly good for the money. Highly recommended for a smallish room.
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