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Arcam Alpha 3 Integrated Amplifier

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Description:2 x 40 watts (8 ohms) hfdb.co/964.php
Dimensions:430 x 85 x 275mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:8.50 out of 10
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By: George Chomacki
"Arcam Alpha 3"
5 out of 5 13th January 2020
Have used this unit now for thirty years with a pair of Paradigm Compact Monitor speakers (same age). A couple of years ago a capacitor of some type was replaced because it was overheating but that's it as far as repairs or anything like that goes. The only time it's ever been in the shop. Have never used a turntable. Am using an Audiolab 8200CD CD player with it for 4 years now, I think this is the third CD player. I don't understand all the bad stuff being said about this amp because I think it sounds fantastic, at least where I've been listening to it. The music sounds like the real thing to me. Do any of these people actually go to live performances? And this amp with those Paradigm speakers will go to really high volumes & still sound great. And I've got to put in a plug for those "old" Paradigm speakers. Cannot figure out how they can reproduce those low notes from a pipe organ so well....I know what those sound like in real life too. Have spent hours listening to my wife playing them.

After thirty years I'm thinking of getting new speakers, just because. But I'm not sure that the Alpha 3 will be getting replaced. $150 on EBay?? Not this one.
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By: John
"Arcam Alpha 3"
4 out of 5 25th January 2011
An oldie but goodie. A rich sound, not too revealing. Won't drive difficult speakers as well as some.
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