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Teac VRDS-7

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Description:D/A Converter: Bitstream Converson
D/A Number: 4
Digital Filter: 20-bit, 8 x oversampling
Analog Filter: Butterworth 3rd order
Frequency Response: 1Hz - 20kHz +-0.3dB
SN Ratio: 110dB
Dynamic Range: 99dB
Harmonic Distortion: 0.0015% hfdb.co/33.php
Dimensions:442 x 149 x 331mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:9.43 out of 10
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By: Manta
"Huge player, huge sound"
5 out of 5 6th July 2009
I have owned one of these since 1994 and still use it today as my main player. I have auditioned other players in the past and nothing in its price range compares. Admittedly it is getting old now and I am having a few problems with the pickup but replacing the laser recently has helped significantly and letting it warm up also benefits playback.

The sound stage is wide and dynamic but never out of control and it captures all aspects of the recording and delivers it with ease.

The best 650 (1994) that I've ever spent on Hi-Fi gear. Will be a sad day when it stops working.
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