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Teac CD-P4500

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Dimensions:435 x 119 x 290mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:10.00 out of 10
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By: Orbitson
4 out of 5 9th March 2011
I have had this player for 12 years, and I bought it already secondhand. It was very sensitive to any dirt and scratches then. It even went worse soon, and I took it to one-man-repair-shop. Two weeks went, and he didn't know what is wrong, but couple of days after he called, and told that someone had probably adjusted servo driving settings and that it now plays nicely.
Indeed.12 years after that, and no problems. ...until now. I don't know is this device going to grand finale, but same problems have been starting to arise. I am not going to quit easily with this, as I really like the sound of it's DA-converters, and that "rise or drop tune"-feature is great for musician as I. Actually I fear of being forced to buy a new one, cause experience has shown that if you just have handled the good ol' player, you accidentally penetrate roof in the shop by throwing the new player up... You don't expect it to weight 25 grams, and lift it, as used to, like a man :D
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