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Sony TC-WE475

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Rating:6.00 out of 10


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By: nadav
"Good Deck for basic users or Professional"
3 out of 5 13th August 2013
This is a well made & designed Sony deck for standard playback /recording.

Loaded with all expected features such as Auto reverse, Auto music search & Easy to use fade in/out ,CD sync & Auto record level buttons.

The Pitch control is a critical feature for correcting speeds of cassettes recorded on other decks, or using for analog to digital transfers.

A low "wow & flutter" gives a playback/ recording quality felt particularly in classical music,
Thanks to an adaptable spring based thick spindles.

Dolby HX Pro & Dolby B-C NR is for standard playback and recording.

The deck's only flaw is the "Auto Record Level" circuit design which will not compress or keep recording levels at a constant ratio, which is a huge draw back when used to handle Dynamics of CD's or other digital sources.

only the professional and experienced audiophile user will be able to make the most of this Attractive looking deck when using a sound compressing equipment & an Equalizer to make a high quality tapes.

Otherwise a good model for overall use.

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By: MR
4 out of 5 8th June 2011
Good value for money, rubber bands which drive the transport need to be replaced once in 3 years, easily done from off the shelf bands. Headphone output is one of the best with clear low noise amps driving it.
Playback in Dolby B & C included, pitch control included to increase decrease motor speed.
Nice display with digital tape revolution counters and memory functions, fairly accurate bar graph display for level.
Both Deck Auto reverse.
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