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Rogers LS2

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Enclosure Type:2 way bass reflex
Recommended Amplifier:10 - 100 Watts
Maximum Output (SPL):103dB
Frequency Response:60Hz - 20kHz
Nominal Impedance:8 Ohms
Dimensions:230 x 355 x 240mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:9.00 out of 10


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By: Terry T.
30th Sep 2020
"Rogers LS2 speakers"
4 out of 5
Well, I got a pair of these from an old audiophile person. Paid $160 for them. Came in the box (original) everything looked good except the dustcovers were gone on the woofers. They had water stains too. Cleaned them up and hooked them up to try them out. Left the covers on so no dust could get in that woofer. Placed them about 10' apart on some stands I had,(ear level). Put on MOFI cd of Miles Davis,(kind of blue). Sounded really good. Bass sounded better than I thought they would. I then hooked up a large 12" powered sub, and set the crossover about 65-70. Not at high volume either. Wow that added to the neutral-sounding whole picture. Put on Pink Floyd MOFI, and cranked it up a little. More detail than I had ever heard. Had my Son In Law come over and take a listen to both ways, and he agreed. I could probably get better sounding, but not with my system.If you want a clean listening speaker, (if you can find them), buy them.
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By: Steve
16th Jul 2016
"Rogers LS2 Bookshelf"
4 out of 5
Detailed soundstage and image from these early 1990's. Not venerable bass but very adequate. Nice finish to the cabinets and obvious quality hardware inside. For a smallish room, on stands these make for very comfortable listening...not tiring at all and even the most challenging of music is reproduced well. Hooked up to Marantz PM 80 but with single wires...perhaps a bi wire upgrade and upgrade to some of the more basic internals "may" get a better result,perhaps approaching that of its more hallowed brother, the 3/5A. I am happy enough with these as they are though and seems like most others are too, with pairs fetching $3-400 (AUD) on E bay.
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