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Phase Research Model R - RT and Little D

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Rating:10.00 out of 10
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"Phase R and RT"
5 out of 5 12th October 2020
I have had many nice pairs of speakers, the best of Infinity, JBL, Avid, and Martin Logan.

There are of course many different designs and intended implications with all those different speakers, but I always respect things that are memorable even more. Phase Research Phase R and RTs are exactly that. In my opinion, in their class, there were no better sounding speakers during their very short existence. I remember reading in the audio press back in the day they earned the nickname “Bose Killers”. Never liked Bose, but that is another topic... Their use of a big Audax silk dome tweeter combined with a custom Audax, very stout, 8” woofer in a tall, transmission line cabinet was revolutionary for their day. These models sound like you have a subwoofer in line in moderate rooms.

I have a mint, all original pair of Phase Rs another pair of Phase Rs where the baffle foam is gone and I had to recone the woofers and had replica grilles built and a pair of Phase RTs that sound great but are a bit bastardized. In 15 years of looking for them, this is all I could get. The Phase Rs are on Ebay right now from someone, $2,450. Rare is a very deserved word here. If you ever get a chance to hear a good pair in the wild, you won’t forget it.
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By: Frank
"phase research"
5 out of 5 4th December 2013
best speakers you could buy for even 3 times the price back in the 70-80's..i still have my RT's after 20 years and had the little d's as well..
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