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Monitor Audio MA9

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Recommended Amplifier:10 - 60 Watts
Power Handling (RMS):60 Watts
Nominal Impedance:8 Ohms
Dimensions:230 x 410 x 220mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:8.00 out of 10
Website:Monitor Audio


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By: Stuart
9th Sep 2020
"Added a Sub Woofer"
4 out of 5
I have added a Tannoy Subwoofer to the MA9s Wow what a difference..still the wonderful clarity and instrument separation but now with real bass extension..adding the subwoofer has really allowed the MA9s to breath properly and they certainly still retain the clarity and detail even when pushed..highly recommended if you can find a pair
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By: stuart
5th Mar 2020
"Superbly Detailed Speakers"
4 out of 5
Monitor Audio MA9's from 1982 or there about

Positives:wonderful soundstage and instrument separation, excellent clarity really brings out the fine details in the Music

Negatives: Tweeter can be a bit shrill on already treble heavy Music and some female vocals which is slightly fatiguing however this only an occasional Issue for me, I think possibly experimenting with different speaker cable might solve this problem I am currently using Linn K20 which works so well with my Rogers LS7t

Not much bass Depth to speak off however the bass notes are crisp clear and woody

The speakers are only 16" high and the bass/mid speaker is 6" across so you cant really expect floor thumping bass
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