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By: Jose Ricardo Pinto
18th Feb 2014
5 out of 5 "Linn Axis"
The record player Linn Axis, obey in all directions in the philosophy of having a Linn turntable where the sound reproduction is brought to the maximum extent on the quality and balance of its components.
The Linn Axis to leave the factory with the optimal Akito arm, also has the option, already designed by Linn, on receiving excellent Ittok LV II arm.
This can be proven by noting the support base of the dish, point to secure the armrest, which in this case would be different from Akito, which is attached to the base of the arm.
I can say that with the Ittok, the Linn Axis turntable turns in a superb performance, easily beating the P3 - 24 and P5 watering. I put him in this condition, similar to P7.
Still have the option of a capsule top line, and that will be able to cope with an also the Rega P9.
So, here I leave my experience with the Linn Axis, mounted with a Ittok LVII arm and that made me literally "forget" my Rega.
Have to put also compared the Linn LP12, the lack of need for adjustments to the springs of the LP12 need, since the Axis, while maintaining the same engineering support as the LP12 plinth, need not suffer the periodic maintenance that LP12 asks for a perfect functioning.
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