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Denon POA-2800

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Description:2 x 200 watts (8 ohms)
2 x 350 watts (4 ohms) hfdb.co/2341.php
Dimensions:434 x 186 x 417mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:10.00 out of 10


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By: MarZutra
"Cannot complain at all"
5 out of 5 2nd April 2012
About ten years ago I purchased an entire Denon system; AVR3000 and POA2800 with Paradigm surround and studio monitors. Granted the system has spent more time in boxes and storage then actual usage, it still sounds as crisp, powerful and clear as day one. Last year, I was considering an up-grade and was told by the Denon/stereo specialists not to get rid of the speakers or the POA amp due to the technology has not changed but to up-grade the surround integrated amp/surround system to modern HD/3D/Wifi etc. That said, the Denon, POA2800 is well worth the money especially at today's used market if a quality item is found. I have chosen, and in current search of, replacing my POA8000 with similar aged POA 2800 or S1 mono-blocks. As for the 2800, a powerful and clear monster... Enjoy.
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By: Jason M.
"Denon poa2800"
5 out of 5 12th May 2011
I have owned one of these for many years (bought it new in 1995) and I just have to say it still sounds incredibly good. It seems to have lost no power, you could seriously used one of these in a commercial application.
I have listened to many power amps but I have never heard such a powerful one perform so well at low volume. It behaves like a small amp, incredible clarity. Beautiful sound, my best investment ever.
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