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Cyrus Quattro CD Player

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Description:CD player connects to a Cyrus Quattro stereo system delivering sound to three additional rooms (external power amps required). hfdb.co/1708.php
Dimensions:215 x 73 x 360mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:10.00 out of 10


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By: Geoff Crawford
"Cyrus Quattro Second Hand Gem!"
5 out of 5 10th August 2015
Bought a Cyrus Quattro online from a well known Market Place for 125. The unit also has an FM Tuner option and would have retailed around the 900 mark when new. Being a pre-amp, CD player (plus afore said Tuner), the only thing that it requires is a Power Amplifier and speakers. I happened to have a Cyrus Straightline amp (which is an integrated design), however, connected to the Quattro, it still works a treat! made up with the sound it produces (it replaced a Teac 300 Reference Series set-up, which itself is no slouch), but this Cyrus combination is sonically far superior. One of the best things about Cyrus is their customer service, as I can testify when I contacted them regarding using the Straightline-Quattro combination. A certain Chris Clayton, Sales Manager of Cyrus, was extremely helpful.
Geoff, North Wales, UK.
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