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Jamo Concert VII

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Details Updated 18 Dec 2020 by Morten Joakim Hofstad

Enclosure Type:3-way, double chamber bass reflex
Recommended Amplifier:80 Watts
Power Handling (RMS):200 Watts
Peak Power Handling:300 Watts
Frequency Response:24Hz - 22kHz
Crossover Frequency:150Hz, 4kHz
Nominal Impedance:6 Ohms
Internal Volume:82 Litres
Drivers:1 x 25mm aluminium dome tweeter (SEAS)
1 x 6.5" midrange
2 x 8" compound mounted woofers
Dimensions:920 x 286 x 313mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight:28kg / 61.6lbs

Rating:9.87 out of 10


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By: Morten Hofstad
17th Oct 2020
5 out of 5 "Very good speakers"
I´ve had these Speakers since 1990 when I bought them at my local audio shop here in Namsos Norway, Řyvind Johansen A/S. Then there were at least three audio shops in this small town, with this shop as the one with best selection of gear. From the usual all included audio racks, to more Hi-Fi equipment, at least at the time. I also bought some om Sonys ES seriers gear there, which I fondly remember. One day they had these speakers in the shop, connected to Sonys TA-F 770ES integrated amplifier, and I just had to buy them. They were expensive for the time, so I bought them with a downpayment deal of 1000 kr per month until downplayed, so it took me 10 months. I used them for a few years, but being mostly into heavy metal those days, I changed them for other speakers. Having owned many a speaker since then, most of which have passed by in search og something better - or shall I say different. In search of the sound that make you just forget about the speaker and just enjoy the music. Then for a few months ago, my brother that is moving into his new house wondered it he should just throw these old Jamo´s that he had in the attic. Which Jamo´s I asked? Your Jamo VII´s he replied... I´ll take them home and listen to them for fun, I replied. So I did, and connected them up to my Plinius Hiato, fired up Audirvana and... I could not belive my ears. Here comes this incredible, detailed, yet butifully musical and textured sound, with great clear midrange with just the right amound of body, and not at least deep earth shaking bass. I could not belive my ears. That night, I heard album after album, skpping from song to song, just wanting to hear the nest song, what the Jamo´s could do. My other much costlier speakers was connected again, to compare as I was not sure my ears were correct - and surely, they were significanly worse in every aspekt from harsher treble, more muddled midrange, lesser sound-staging, and not at least just weak and tame base in comparison. After that, the Jamo´s stayed connected, and I am not going to reconnect the other speakers again any more. Sure, the Jamo´s have some scuffs, and look a bit tired, but the sound is to good make these things important. So, are there any problems with the Jamo Concert VII´s? Sure, a few, but the are not that many, mainly the one thing that I notice, is that when at high volumes they have som problems with the sound muddling a bit, but only when there are a lot going on in the midrange. The one thing that I like so much with the Jamo´s is the "tone" of the music. It just feels right, like the sound is much more real than many other speakers I have heard. Sure, I´m certain there are many speakers out there that does this much better, also today, but not ones I have heard in the price range that is realistic for someone like me. And, with many of the speakers that I have owned I have searched for a sound I knew were out there, but could not fint. Now I have found it, so I know it is possible to make it. Now I only have to find a current speaker with the same sound, but are better. For the search never stops. In the meantime, I´m going to enjoy music on my Jamo Concert VII´s.
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