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Sony PS-X55

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Description:Non-biotracer cheaper version of the PS-X75 (forerunner of the famous PS-X600).

Fully automatic direct drive turntable with automatic record size detection and stylus protection
High torque BSL motor with quartz lock
Discrete tonearm motor
ULM straight tonearm
Bulk molding compound cabinet
Gel filled feet
33/45 rpm
W&F 0.025% RMS
Speed +- 0.003% hfdb.co/948.php
Dimensions:430 x 90 x 360mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:9.00 out of 10
Updated: 20 March 2019 by Pamela


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By: Pamela
5 out of 5 20th March 2019
I wanted a fully automatic turntable due to a movement disorder making manual turntable operation too risky for my records. The 1980 SONY PS-X55 seemed very well regarded by those who own one so I bought a good example off EBay and everything worked perfectly. It's built like a tank and sounds head and shoulders better than my belt-drive UTurn Orbit. Took it in for a preventative service and it only needed a couple of capacitors replacing that were getting a little warm.
The ultra-light tonearm is controlled with a separate motor - no linkage with the platter for the fully automatic functions. Quartz-lock direct drive means ridiculously good wow and flutter and is extremely quiet when running. I replaced the AT95E cartridge it came (which sounded very good but a bit flat and CD-like) with a high compliance cartridge of the same era (Shure M75ED) and it really sings!
This one is definitely a keeper and I have bought some spares to help keep it running in the long term
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