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Technics SU-R1

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Description:The Technics Digital Link realises signal transmission with less signal degradation between the integrated preamplifier and the separate power amplifier.

The Digital Noise Isolation Architecture effectively deals with jitter in individual interfaces and isolates noise.

Low-noise R-core transformers which provide stable performance even under load changes are adopted for both analogue and digital circuits respectively.

Noiseless Signal Technology
Digital Noise Isolation Architecture
Virtual Battery Operation
Ultra Low Distortion Oversampling Digital Filter
High Res Re-master
Optimally Activated Circuit System
Technics Digital Link
Separated Analog/Digital Power Supply
High Quality Analog I/O Circuit
High Rigidity Metal Double Chassis

Technics Definitive Design
Aluminium plain miter joint
Multi control knob
Symmetric structure

Digital AES/EBU Input x1 / Digital Coaxial Input x3 / Digital Optical Input x1 / Analog RCA input x2 / USB-A input / USB-B input / Technics Digital Link Output x1 / Digital AES/EBU Output x1 / Digital Coaxial Output x1 / Digital Optical Output x1 / RCA Line out x1 / XLR Line Out x1/Headphone Output

Digital Input Formats
Digital Coaxial : LPCM up to 192kHz 24bit / Digital Optical : LPCM up to 96kHz 24bit
DLNA, USB-A : FLAC, WAV, AIFF up to 192kHz 24bit / ALAC up to 96kHz 24bit / mp3, wma, MPEG-4 AAC up to 48kHz 16bit
USB-B : PCM up to 384k 32bit / DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz with Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Dimensions:480 x 118 x 388mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight:16kg / 35.2lbs

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