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Technics RS-TR270

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By: Nadav
"Technics finest cassette deck that keeps passing the tests of time."
5 out of 5 28th July 2012
This is a Technics double cassette deck, capable of giving a superb recording quality that matches higher end models such as the "RS-TR 474 & RS-TR 575.

Equipped with advanced & powerful "Auto Record Level" the unit creates an amazing high outout tapes when combined with the "headroom Extension" feature.

The unit's "Dolby B" is the standard for playback & recording, while the addition of the "Dolby C" to this unit lets you preserve high frequencies & keep identical quality of the digital sources, such as CD or other Digital media when used with the "headroom Extention" feature . Simply a perfect unit to make the perfect tapes.

Besides the powerful "auto Record Level" are the motorized open/close cassette holders feature that allows direct operation & minimize button pressing which consumers will find appealling in addition to the unit's ergonomic and attractive design.

An Equalizer & few recording experiments are required to discover the amazing potential of this cassette deck. Its a true Technics Gem to treasure.

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