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Naim NAT 05

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Description:VHF/FM https://hfdb.net/614.php
Dimensions:432 x 70 x 301mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:6.00 out of 10


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By: Jan
"Naim 05 overrated"
3 out of 5 4th April 2014
I have been in possession of a Naim 05 for a year. I bought it after troubles with my new tuner Primare T 21. The remote control of it responded to my television! The price was considerable higher then the Primare but the quality of sound and build was inferior to it. The Primare was full, warm and very on the front. The Naim was flat, analytical and without any emotion for me. The build quality of the box is great but use of the programs is difficult and not logical. Also you don't have the possibility to see which signal strength is coming through.
So I was very disappointed and sold it. And now I only use my TV box as radio.
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