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Marantz CD-63

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Dimensions:420 x 86 x 300mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:6.50 out of 10
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By: sandutter
"Clear, good sound"
4 out of 5 26th August 2010
This CD-player comes in three different types; mkII (or 02B), SE and KI. The KI-model is the most expensive of the three. Mine is the 02B. It has a simple, clean design and goes aesthetically well with many amps/receivers. The unit comes with a remote control, phones input and RCA + optical/coaxial out. Recommended!
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By: Manta
"Too bright"
2 out of 5 3rd April 2010
I bought this CD player on the strength of some 5 star reviews that it received but after listening to it and giving it a fair chance I did end up returning it to the shop.

I found the sound very harsh and over bright. It was uncomfortable to listen to for long periods of time and poorly produced CDs were a definite no no. I tried partnering the player with different combinations of amps and speakers but to no avail. The sound just did not improve and it went back in its box. Obviously this type of sound reproduction will suit someone but to me it wasn't a natural warm or balanced sound, just a sharp overbearing piercing sound that I could not listen to.
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