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Hitachi SR-4010

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Power Output:2 x 25 Watts (8 Ohms)
Tuner: AM, FM
Dimensions:435 x 110 x 278mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight:5.8kg / 12.76lbs

Rating:9.20 out of 10



By: Antsan
10th Jul 2023
4 out of 5 "Hitachi receiver"
Para los años que tiene de vida ,este receiver es mejor en aspecto ,calidad y sonido que muchos de otras marcas SOBREVALORADAS, muy buena nitidez , yo en pleno 2023 lo acabo d obtener por $10 pensando que no valdría, me asombre al probarlo y verlo funcionar ,muy buena marca Japonesa.

Translation: For its age this receiver is better in appearance, quality and sound than many other OVERVALUED brands, very good sharpness, I just got it in 2023 for $10 thinking it wouldn't be worth it, I was amazed to try it and see it work, very good Japanese brand.

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By: Gregory McKee
9th Jun 2020
5 out of 5 "Receiver"
Incredible quality for the money, paid 10 dollars for the receiver and a pair of Polk m series 311, now my home system is complete and I am very happy.
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By: Joe
25th Oct 2014
5 out of 5 "Excellent Receiver"
Excellent design, detailed sound, fine phono and tuner sections, robust power (60 watts per channel RMS), I own one and I am very satisfied.

It's a made in Japan unit, built to last.

The tuner section is very good, particularly with weak stations.

I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
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