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Brennan JB7

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Description:Stores 2500/5000/5000 CDs on 160/320/500G (high compression typical CD)
Stores 1200/2500/5000 CDs on 160/320G/500G (normal compression worst case CD)
Stores 210/420/630 CDs uncompressed on 160/320G/500G (worst case)
Total 60W RMS
32 key credit card remote
2.4 million album database - update on CD
Text Search for Track or Album by remote control or front panel
Segue - blends one track into the next
180 x 32 soft scrolling graphic vacuum fluorescent display
Steel and aluminium construction
One touch start-up
One touch rip - transfer a CD track to MP3 player
One touch record - convert vinyl to MP3s
Loads CDs to hard disk at 12x - play music while loading
Battery backed up clock with alarm
MP3 encode at 128k, 192k or 320k - done automatically
USB 2.0 Full Speed 12 Mb/sec (compatible with USB Mass storage class devices formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 - USB memory sticks, Ipods, MP3 players, USB hard drives. Not compatible with MP4 players and iPod Touch).
Rear connectors - loudspeakers, line in, line out, headphone, 24V DC
Backup music and playlists to external USB hard disk for safe keeping
400MHz Blackfin processor with Dual MAC
Find and play MP3s on MP3 players and USB drives as if they were internal
Transfer MP3s to and from USB
External laptop computer style 24V power supply / AC adaptor - included - works from 110V to 240V ( 30mm x 60mm x 130mm, 3m lead length).
Dimensions:220 x 48 x 160mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight:1.6kg / 3.52lbs

Rating:9.33 out of 10



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