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Bowers Wilkins DM601 S1 Top100

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Enclosure Type:2 way vented box system
Recommended Amplifier:25 - 100 Watts
Frequency Response:70 Hz - 20kHz
Nominal Impedance:8 Ohms
Drivers:1 x 25mm metal dome
1 x 165mm Kevlar® cone
Dimensions:204 x 356 x 244mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight:6.1kg / 13.42lbs

Rating:9.15 out of 10
Website:B&W (Bowers & Wilkins)


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By: Christopher Brown
17th Nov 2022
5 out of 5 "Still going strong in 2022"
I pulled my DM601 originals (aka S1) out from many years in storage around 2017, and was reminded how I always liked them. A few years later I added a (cheepo) subwoofer, and WHOA!, the home office now had an excellent sound system.

The DM range received rave reviews here in Norway when they first came out, and judging by how I still respond to them, those reviews were richly deserved. I remember comparing them around 1996 with a friend's much more expensive and twice as large Infinity speakers (the models in oak cabinets with curved corners, I think they even had a ribbon tweeter). The 601s was noticeably weaker in bass, but otherwise we both deemed the 601 a bit more resolving and enjoyable.

But why didn't the reviewers and I myself suggest adding a sub??? That makes a seriously good package to this day in 2022.

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By: Syed Salim
14th Jul 2012
4 out of 5 "Still going strong"
I've had these speakers for 16 years and yet it performs excellently. You need to pair with a good sub-woofer set at 60Hz cross-over, never higher for music. For movies, you can go up to 80Hz. I used Velodyne CHT-12 sub. Then, music with low-bass will flow effortless. The dynamics are great for jazz rock, rock and hard-rock. High-end detail are abundant. I will soon replace these with CM5 after decades of service. Good example of British Engineering!
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