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Arcam Alpha 10 Integrated Amplifier

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Description:100 Watts hfdb.co/963.php

Rating:9.67 out of 10


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By: Paul Christo
"Arcam alpha 10 integrated amplifier"
5 out of 5 16th January 2015
I've owned this Arcam alpha 10 amplifier for almost 17 years now since new-& it's still going strong & never broken down once-it's never been serviced either.
I've used it bi-wired & single wired with Chord Odyssey 2 cable,with Chord chameleon silver plus interconnects-I've found this combination very complimentary to this particular amp-the 'wrong' combo of cable makes this powerful amp sound bass heavy with virtually no treble or mids-cheap cables makes this amp sound absolutely terrible,I've tried it with Qed silver anniversary(7 pm) & Ixos (10 pm).The Chord cables bring out every nuance in sound you would want from an amp of this caliber-deep,tight bass,with detailed mids & sizzling treble,the sound produced from all sources(tuner,cd,dac,sky box/av) is just incredible.
You would need to spend at least 2000 today for an amp of similar sound & build quality-which is why I have not replaced it-if it ain't broke-don't fix it!.I could happily live with this amp for the next 17 years!.
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By: AA
"Great Amp"
5 out of 5 30th April 2011
Great Piece of Kit. Great midrange and bass control. Plenty of Power.....
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