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Mission 765

Mission 765

By: Doug
"Replacement diaphragms avaliable from mission"
5 out of 5 1st October 2012
I have read lots of posts online that the diaphragms are no longer available from mission.
I phoned mission service today and have had one sent out today (01/09/12) for 15 plus vat plus delivery.
It turns out the 765, 765i and the 780 Argonaut all share the same tweeter/diaphragm.
Don't believe the online stories that these spares are no longer available.

I hope this info helps someone.

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By: Steve
"Mission 765 speakers"
1 out of 5 21st January 2012
Don't give up on your precious Mission 765 speakers, there are alternative drivers such as the Peerless Vifa XT25BG60-04 Tweeter if that has blown, you can modify the diameter of the plastic mount and cut to suit behind the face plate of the mission tweeters, also if your main drive units rubber surrounds are a hanging on by a thread don't throw them away you can repair them easy by visiting a web site called good Hi-Fi based in Holland, I have used them on and off for about five years repairing speaker drive units for myself and friends, I have a pair of old Mission 765s and they work as good as the day I got them home, don't let a classic die!
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By: Phil in England
"Mission 765"
4 out of 5 28th October 2011
I've had a pair of these from new when I bought in 1991. After a couple of weeks, one of the tweeters died but this was replaced easily under warranty. Since then, physically and mechanically they have been great, though the grp removable frames holding the front covers, are a bit fragile and a couple of the pop-in lugs have snapped off.
Musically, they are great. They do depend on being positioned clear of corners and walls and sound much more open and balanced, the bigger the room. Until recently I had them being driven by a NAD2600 Power Amp but have recently bought a preowned Denon POA-2400, which reveals even more punch from these speakers. They are current-hungry, so you do need a muscular power amp to get the best out of them but you will be rewarded with a sound that belies the fact that these were speakers designed and made in the late 80's. I'm fortunate to have a detached house in the countryside, a friend of mine bought a virtually identical setup from new, very occasionally we get both systems working together and turn up the wick. The sound is sensational and it feels like you are pummelling the air around you and producing small earthquakes.
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By: stunix
"Can you love someone you can't trust? Yes, but not without pain."
4 out of 5 18th August 2011
I have loved these for the past 20 years, but I have also gone through 6 bass drivers and 4 tweeters. Reliability has been a big problem. I still have 2 bass drivers and 1 tweeter "in stock" after buying the last of the parts from mission, so when they die, they die.
Needs to be 2 meters from a wall in a largish room and although a very high sensitivity, a bulletproof amp needs to drive the 4 ohms, my Audiolab pre & monoblocs do this with ease.
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