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Hitachi DA-500

Hitachi DA-500

By: phil
"fix the belt!"
5 out of 5 10th July 2013
i have one of these as well that the belt broke.

i took out the belt and went to the hardware store and matched it with an o ring the same size.

works perfectly again. good for another 20 years.
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By: Scott
"I had one of these Hitachis 1985-1997!"
5 out of 5 6th January 2013
The DA-500 was my first CD player, I had to save up for it with my high school job paychecks for a few months to buy it, but when I finally did it was so worth it, and recall the excitement of first bringing it home and setting it up
through the rack system and playing R.E.M. Fables of the Reconstruction and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon (orig. Japanese pressing that was a birthday gift or whatever) CDs over and over. Mine lasted through 1997 when I finally sold my old Sanyo rack system from the same time period all of which was in absolutely mint condition. I should never
have sold the Hitachi, since it was still in perfect working condition and one of the best CD players ever made, I think. It always played flawlessly and sounded pretty warm as far as I can recall, especially for an early generation CD player. But if you can find one of these DA-500s in perfect working order reasonably I would buy it and use it for mp3'ing through the PC and/or just listening old-school through an old amplifier or home theater system or whatever. I also might note that I never had the predicted laser-rot on those aforementioned CDs, still own them, and they still sound fabulous today!
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By: John Rakos
"cd players"
5 out of 5 11th June 2011
I purchased an Hitachi DA-500 in 1986 and used it until last year (2010) when the drive belt broke. Why don't today's electronics last this long?
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