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Power Output:2 x 30 Watts (8 Ohms) | 2 x 50 Watts (4 Ohms)
Total Harmonic Distortion:<0.07%
Power Consumption:300 Watts
Dimensions:430 x 125 x 320mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight:6.2kg / 13.64lbs
Year:1990 - 1991

Rating:8.64 out of 10



By: Formative Tec
15th Feb 2023
4 out of 5 "SU610 Een trouw stuk tech"
Wat een bijzondere review hieronder, ook ik moet reageren.
Deze versterker, een trouw stuk degelijk techniek waarvan het gewicht niet uitmaakt omdat ik deze, zoals vele, nooit optil is geen versterker om mee te nemen of rack model met handvaten, hoeken maken dus totaal niet uit, zeker niet als het uit 91 komt. Hoeken waren heel gewoon.

Wat wel bijzonder is, is dat de SU610 na 30 jaar nog steeds prima presteert!.
Ja, als klasse A zuipt deze wel stroom, gelukkig heeft de SU610 niet enorm veel vermogen.

Ik heb deze gecombineerd met een nog oudere Bose Acoustimas bas reflex (wel gereviseerd) en SS-E662V Sony floorstanding speaker zuilen om in stijl te blijven (een echte no-go).
Maar het klinkt wel heel lekker!

Ook ik heb een krakende volume knop die prima te verstellen is, wat ik zelden doe, overigens net als de andere draai en druk knoppen. Onderhoud is wel nodig daar. Ik zou deze versterker zelf compleet kunnen servicen inclusief eclo vervanging maar heb dit nog nooit gedaan. Hier word een mixer gebruikt die bijna dagelijks via deze versterker uitstuurt.

De versterker is voldoende zuiver tot op vol open. Kanaal scheiding kan beter maar het ruis niveau is best redelijk, frequentie respons is uitstekend, het vinyl geschikte geluid is vooral enorm sfeervol, in mijn optiek, en dat houd mij vooralsnog tegen deze te vervangen.

Translation: A faithful piece of technology with still atmospheric sound after 30 years.

What a special review below, I also have to respond.
This amplifier, a faithful piece of solid technology, the weight of which does not matter because, like many, I never lift it, it is not an amplifier to take with you or a rack model with handles, so angles do not matter at all, especially if it comes from '91. Corners were common.

What is special is that the SU610 still performs well after 30 years!.
Yes, as a class A it does drink power, fortunately the SU610 does not have a lot of power.

I combined this with an even older Bose Acoustimas bass reflex (refurbished) and SS-E662V Sony floorstanding speaker columns to stay in style (a real no-go).
But it does sound really good!

I also have a creaky volume knob that is easy to adjust, which I rarely do, just like the other rotary and push buttons. Maintenance is needed there. I could fully service this amplifier myself, including eclo replacement, but have never done this. A mixer is used here that sends out through this amplifier almost every day.

The amplifier is sufficiently pure up to full open. Channel separation could be better but the noise level is quite reasonable, frequency response is excellent, the vinyl suitable sound is especially very atmospheric, in my opinion, and that is holding me back from replacing it for the time being.

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By: Lesur
17th Jul 2017
5 out of 5 "Technics SU-610 - Still Rocking"
So sorry, had to react to the other previous review: too negative. This machine was built for house. Bought it new somewhere in 92 and still use it on almost a daily basis. Just love the full sound it blasts out, the machine is a bit heavy on the bass side, but that's where the bass and treble are for. Use them. The CD player I bought with it also still does it work perfectly. Never cleaned it, just use it over and over. Never skips. Amplifier has been serviced once, couldn't live with a cracking sound in the volume control knob. Was just a bit of dust, no podmeter failure or whatever. Just dust. The machine is 25 years old, but still functions 100%. In combination with two small Chario Syntar speakers: a dream for playing electronic music. It's appearance? Love the design. Black and black and black. No fancy lighting what you don't need, just one red on/off button light. They still pop up for cheap on Ebay. Get it. Oldskool machine. Fat sound.
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By: BiggieTembo
7th Mar 2014
3 out of 5 "Technics SU-610"
Mmm... Technics amps from the 90s... Why is there always something not quite right with them...? For a start - they weigh a bloody ton (feels like some chump at the factory slipped a brick into the unit for a joke)... and they also have these sharp edges and corners (thank you, sadomasochistic designer!)... the knobs are kind of tight and little and weird to turn, making you feel output-wise like you are doing nothing, but physically twisting hard on the way-too-tight dial... and the in-out buttons are kind of... clicky-springy and immediate and weird... and all those "Class A" and "Class AA" series were made in a sort of miserable-looking grey-green black colour... OK, OK, for all of you out there not as colour-tactile-sensitive as me... This is an OK amp, albeit a bit scary - the red light on the front reminds me of Maximilian's eye from the Disney sci-fi movie - "The Black Hole" - staring right at ya...

Inherited from a colleague in 2013 who had used it near-enough every day since he bought it new, the only things that didn't work were the Tape Monitor button - you had to hold it in, otherwise the whole sound would just cut out (any solutions out there to fix this, web-guys?) and the left speaker output - it was flaky, as if there were a loose connection somewhere (solutions are very much welcomed, hyperspace heads ;-)).

Nevertheless, again, as with all 90s Technics amps, it worked good enough (with a constant finger holding in the tape monitor button); it did however sound a little on the "flat" side - the bass and treble functions didn't really make the sound as rich in fidelity as, say, a Kenwood KA 3020SE, but hey, that's another kettle of fish. Adjusting the bass and treble is truly needed here, but the sound just doesn't seem to "jump out at ya" - it was as if you were watching "Avatar" in 2D. (God forbid if you pair this behemoth up with the Technics RS-B355 cassette deck [reviewed elsewhere on this site]... you'd have a sound flatter than a Dutch pancake that's been Steam-Rollered!).

But hey - if you inherit this brute, like I did, or find this monster for a few green folding ones, or in yer Auntie's attic - it would be a good "spare" if your slightly better amp finally gives up the ghost one day. A great substitute or temporary replacement.

Overall, it warrants a 3-score, but it's a very high 3 ;-)
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