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Latest Reviews

Mission 760i
(21 votes : 2 reviews)

Mission 760i

By: Charlie Toon
"Good speakers don't age!"
5 out of 5 14 February 2020
Wear and tear aside - as that's easily fixable and should readily be embraced. The age of a speaker is not a consideration, it's either a good speaker or not so good speaker! When buying, listen with your ears, not your eyes. Take some time out and fortify your mind! More

Wharfedale Delta 30.2
(9 votes : 2 reviews)

Wharfedale Delta 30.2

By: Ronald Lee
"Delta 30.2 -Under rated speaker"
5 out of 5 07 February 2020
This cheap looking speaker can deliver exceptional good sound for wide range - from bass to high tweeter note with clear separation. I found the speaker easy to drive with most amplifier. In comparison with my other 4 pairs of different hi end speakers, this Delta 30.2 (6-in paper cone for mid range) delivers clear sound and in particular the tweeter that gives very clear distinctive sound. Great value for a small price. More

Tannoy Mercury mXR-M
(1 vote : 1 review)

Tannoy Mercury mXR-M

By: payaso25us
"did not expect how good it is"
5 out of 5 03 February 2020
the range frequency was what i wanted... 59hz to 20khz was enough to cover the vocals and cymbals ... connected to avr... i did have to piggyback toyota celica tweeters lol... amazing on the old yamaha rds 640 zoned and a rotel RE 840 equalizer not Ra! im looking forward to buying 2 more sets for the 2nd yamaha routed to the preout... the JBL control will be replaced as the frequency range is at 150hz and rated 4 ohms but sold as 8ohms ... Tann... More

Technics SB-HD81
(6 votes : 2 reviews)

Technics SB-HD81

By: dpg
"buon diffusore se ben posizionato (Good speaker if well positioned)"
4 out of 5 15 January 2020
partiamo dal presupposto che ogni altoparlante da una resa diversa in base a dove si posiziona.a che tipo di amplificazione si utilizza eccetera. questi diffusori soffrono particolarmente la vicinanza alle pareti posteriori.le basse frequenze si enfatizzano troppo,e le medioalte passano in secondo piano. sconsiglio di utilizzarle in librerie,o loculi chiusi.hanno bisogno di aria attorno. discorso diverso se si posizionano distanti dalla par...

Translation: We assume that each speaker gives a different performance based on where it is positioned, what type of amplification is used, etc. These speakers suffer particularly the proximity to the rear walls. The low frequencies are emphasized too much and the mid-high ones go into the background. I do not recommend using them in bookstores, or closed niches. They need air around them. Different sound if they are positioned far from the rear wall: t... More

Arcam Alpha 3 Integrated Amplifier
(1 vote : 2 reviews)

Arcam Alpha 3  Integrated Amplifier

By: George Chomacki
"Arcam Alpha 3"
5 out of 5 13 January 2020
Have used this unit now for thirty years with a pair of Paradigm Compact Monitor speakers (same age). A couple of years ago a capacitor of some type was replaced because it was overheating but that's it as far as repairs or anything like that goes. The only time it's ever been in the shop. Have never used a turntable. Am using an Audiolab 8200CD CD player with it for 4 years now, I think this is the third CD player. I don't understand all the bad... More

Denon PMA-250SE
(1 vote : 1 review)

Denon PMA-250SE

By: Joe Turner
"Denon PMA-250SE"
5 out of 5 30 December 2019
This little amp, 2x30 Watts/c at 8 ohms and 2x50 Watts/c at 4 Ohms is surprisingly powerful and drives my Dali Spektor 2 speakers with rated sensitivity of 84.5 db with no stress and goes very loud. The sound is clear, transparent, neutral and very detailed. Absolute gem. More

Tannoy Revolution R3
(5 votes : 1 review)

Tannoy Revolution R3

By: Tobias
"Dry heavy weights"
4 out of 5 14 December 2019
Reviewed these Tannoy Revolution R3 speakers together with Dynaudio Audience 122 speakers in a hifi store when new back in the day. I was impressed by these more than the Dynaudio's because of their neutrality an weight. The really low clean bass sounds perfectly integrated. Friend of mine bought the Dynaudio speakers, because they are a bit more present in de mids and highs and the bass is more punchy. I went and bought these a few years later s... More

Rotel RDP-980
(2 votes : 1 review)

Rotel RDP-980

By: Vinnie
"Rotel RDP-980"
5 out of 5 11 November 2019
The Rotel RDP-980, is an excellent DAC, with outstanding detail and insight, a warm full sound, clean accurate top end, tight powerful bottom end, and detailed warm mids, and expansive sound stage, a well balanced sound that with ease, can reveal elements of a recording that you haven't noticed previously, a very good match for an already revealing amplifier and speaker combination, if you find one for sale, I recommend you have a listen, and buy... More

Mordaunt Short MS3.20

Mordaunt Short MS3.20

By: abraham cadaon
"mordaunt short ms3.20"
5 out of 5 08 November 2019
i bought this at auction and performs great using a yamaha rxv 496 More

Pioneer SA-7500
(2 votes : 1 review)

Pioneer SA-7500

By: alan rochester
"pioneer series 7500"
4 out of 5 19 October 2019
a gem of an integrated amp. a tuner is easy to find for it as well. this will provide meters .its got the same thought of low watt sounds better. runs cool,lasts and lasts. im a believer that mid sized speakers sound best. try polk...jam packed with features. find one and listen to all fav cds ...ull be impressed More