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Hi-Fi Database contains images and details of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products, past and present.
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Latest Reviews

Tannoy 607
(17 votes : 1 review)

Tannoy 607

By: Stuart McGill
Status: Guest
"Tannoy Personal Experience"
5 out of 5 Reviewed 15 October 2017
I have owned a set of these speakers for a number of years. They perform best when bi-amped, I use an Arcam 7R integrated for the treble and Arcam 9 power for the mid/bass. The result is a compelling mixture of clarity and control, which easily shows the quality of recording. They go loud and are great party speakers, in a positive way, never seaming strained or close to clipping. They are physically large stand mounting speakers and I hav... More

Pioneer VSX-D812
(0 votes : 1 review)

Pioneer VSX-D812

By: Jonas abellera
Status: Guest
5 out of 5 Reviewed 10 October 2017
1he pioneer vsa d10ex best amplifier with correct matching speaker same specs as the vsa ax10 More

Sony SS-A1L
(3 votes : 1 review)

Sony SS-A1L

By: Tom Davision
Status: Guest
"Much easy drive"
5 out of 5 Reviewed 03 October 2017
SS-A1L have the better built quality and easier to drive than LS3/5a and I can say this sound better than my Roger LS3/5a More