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Latest Reviews

Rotel RA-820AX
(14 votes : 7 reviews)

Rotel RA-820AX

By: FD
Status: Guest
4 out of 5 Reviewed 13 August 2017
A terrific little amp which reviewed very well at the time of its release and was at the top of the list in its price bracket in terms of quality. I bought mine new from Richer Sounds back in 1991. It's a solid wee beast that had a higher build and sound quality than the NAD amps which dominated the field of entry-level hi-fi in the late 1980s / early 1990s. After a few years in "fallow" due to one of the channels dropping out, I resurrected min... More

Technics SU-610
(8 votes : 2 reviews)

Technics SU-610

By: Lesur
Status: Registered
1 Review
"Technics SU-610 - Still Rocking"
5 out of 5 Reviewed 17 July 2017
So sorry, had to react to the other previous review: too negative. This machine was built for house. Bought it new somewhere in 92 and still use it on almost a daily basis. Just love the full sound it blasts out, the machine is a bit heavy on the bass side, but that's where the bass and treble are for. Use them. The CD player I bought with it also still does it work perfectly. Never cleaned it, just use it over and over. Never skips. Amplifier ha... More

Pro-Ject RPM 6.1 SB
(0 votes : 1 review)

Pro-Ject RPM 6.1 SB

By: Scott Baxter
Status: Guest
"form over function"
3 out of 5 Reviewed 22 April 2017
This looks like a winner, but the underlying engineering and function disappoint somewhat. Rumble is a problem. The tonearm bearings get sloppy and that can be heard on playback. They can be adjusted, and Pro-Ject sells a tool, but trying to adjust the arm starts a cascading set of issues. This can only be done by a qualified service center. The electric motor is not well isolated, which again can be heard. An aftermarket kit fixes most of ... More