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Hi-Fi Database contains images and details of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products, past and present.
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Latest Reviews

Marantz CD-36
(2 votes : 1 review)

Marantz CD-36

By: Lee
Status: Guest
"Still going strong 20 years on"
4 out of 5 Reviewed 13 November 2016
I've had this great player for in excess of 20 years and it is still going strong. It delivers a fantastic sound, along with my NAD 3020i and wharfdale CRS 3s. this was bought from richer sounds for a hundred quid and is the entry level player from Marantz, but that's like saying the 360 was an entry level Ferrari - it's still a fantastic car and still a ferrari! All the features you need for basic operation with a funky looking remote, my ... More

Wharfedale CRS3
(0 votes : 1 review)

Wharfedale CRS3

By: Kenji Fuse
Status: Guest
"Wharfedale CRS 3 bookshelf loudspeakers"
3 out of 5 Reviewed 12 November 2016
For a budget loudspeaker, these are hard to beat. A tad bright, a tad boxy, a tad every-criticism, but only a tad. They are much more detailed and offer more realism, than my expensive Linn Sara 9s. And you can't listen to them all day, as you can with the Saras. But still, they sound very nice. I plugged the ports with foam, and use them in parallel with the Saras sometimes, to add more detail. And sometimes, like tonight, I listen to... More

Wharfedale Linton XP2
(3 votes : 1 review)

Wharfedale Linton XP2

By: martin robinson
Status: Guest
"Brilliant speakers"
4 out of 5 Reviewed 15 September 2016
Bought 1977 _ loved them . Gave away to an audiophile friend 2011 . Still going strong - enough said !! More