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Pro-Ject RPM 6.1 SB


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Dimensions:170 x 385 x 330mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Rating:Not Rated
Added: 22 June 2009

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"form over function"
3 out of 5 Reviewed 22nd April 2017
This looks like a winner, but the underlying engineering and function disappoint somewhat. Rumble is a problem. The tonearm bearings get sloppy and that can be heard on playback. They can be adjusted, and Pro-Ject sells a tool, but trying to adjust the arm starts a cascading set of issues. This can only be done by a qualified service center. The electric motor is not well isolated, which again can be heard. An aftermarket kit fixes most of this, but basic isolation techniques could have been followed during production. The speedbox addition does indeed manage speed well and it's a marked improvement over no such control. I'd not get near this model without the speedbox (SB) feature.
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